Welcome to the Business and Human Rights Practitioners’ Network. The BHRPN aims to connect professionals from all sectors in the business and human rights field, particularly early to mid-career practitioners. It acts as a forum for those with expertise in business and human rights to share their knowledge. It aims to promote cross-stakeholder debate on business and human rights in a neutral environment. Its mission is to update practitioners on current issues and positively contribute to problem-solving in the field of business and human rights. We consider that this initiative is particularly important in the business and human rights field, which calls for cooperation between practitioners with diverse expertise. To facilitate participation from as broad a range of stakeholders as possible, as a general rule, the BHRPN will not take a particular position on business and human rights issues.

The Board

The BHRPN is an initiative founded by practitioners from legal practice, government, academia and civil society. Its founders are: Katherine Tyler (Kingsley Napley LLP), Sarah Macrory (Foreign & Commonwealth Office), Patrick Geary (Children’s Rights and Business Specialist), Lise Smit (British Institute of International and Comparative Law), Francis West (SHIFT), Dr Nadia Bernaz (Wageningen University), Tim Cooke-Hurle (Doughty Street Chambers), Rachel Chambers (SOAS/ University of Connecticut) and Lucy Graham (Amnesty International).


The BHRPN will host a number of events throughout the year, both educational and social, to increase awareness and analysis of the many and complex issues that this area of work raises. Those events will aim to promote debate which, if appropriate, will take place under Chatham House rules.

Our first event, on 20th November 2018, is at Kingsley Napley LLP at 6pm and will consider business and human rights in conflict and post-conflict societies. For more information see here.


You can become a member of BHRPN by emailing admin@bhrpn.org.  This means that you will receive occasional emails from us about upcoming events, as well as updates on topics which we think might be of interest to you.  We may also contact you to update your communication preferences and seek feedback concerning the BHRPN, as well as seeking your confirmation about whether you wish to renew your membership on an annual basis.  Should you not wish to receive further communications from us at any point, please contact us on unsubscribe@bhrpn.org.